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Ventilation Evaluation / Design

Ventilation Evaluation / Design

Initial design or evaluation of existing systems are key factors in assuring that ventilation systems will or are operating in accordance with regulatory requirements or standards. Ventilation used for contaminant control is classified into two broad categories, dilution and local exhaust.

Dilution ventilation, the most common, is used for controlling the building environment (e.g. typically comfort control through HVAC systems). The use of dilution ventilation for contaminant control may also have some limited applications.

Local exhaust systems remove contaminants at or near the point of origin. This type of engineering control typically provides the most effective method for contaminant control. Many times, however, dilution and local exhaust system designs are interchanged or used incorrectly for controlling a given situation or hazard.

DESIGN: Sterling and Associates has designed numerous local exhaust ventilation systems and made redesigns to existing systems, after they failed to perform or control adequately. Our experience includes semiconductor systems, chemical manufacturing facilities, abatement systems, hazardous installations, and radioactive materials.

EVALUATION:Ventilation system evaluations are essential for ensuring that systems are performing in accordance with regulatory codes. Sterling and Associates' has found that approximately 75 percent of reported problems are directly attributed to the building Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system in IAQ investigations. 

Local exhaust systems are frequently over extended and improperly designed. Through a proper evaluation, Sterling and Associates is able to make cost effective recommendations to obtain compliance. Most local exhaust applications require annual testing or evaluation. Sterling and Associates performs both quantitative and qualitative ventilation system evaluations.

Sterling and Associates can assist your company by evaluating your current system's capability, designing a new system, or modifying an existing system.

If you would like more information on Ventilation Evaluation or Design, please contact Sterling and Associates, Inc. We have been performing high quality IAQ inspections and testing since 1989 in California and beyond.

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