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Outsourcing ServicesOutsourcing Services

When an organization requires on-going EH&S support, but current circumstances don't allow for on-site or full-time employees, a good solution can come in the form of contract-based support, or outsourcing. Whether support is needed on a short-term or long-term basis, for a few or many hours per week, on-site or remote... Sterling & Associates can provide a quality, customized support program for clients needing routine EH&S consulting services.

There are many scenarios where outsourcing makes good business sense:

  • the job duties do not warrant a full-time employee
  • two or more job functions cannot be combined to comprise a full-time position
  • headcount is an issue or tightly controlled
  • the workload is unusually heavy for a fixed period of time
  • overhead costs are being minimized

Financially, the benefits of outsourcing are clear and significant. By hiring a contracted consultant versus an employee, the organization may pay comparatively more in "salary," however, the savings incurred beyond that are substantial: health care benefits, vacation, sick time, taxes, insurance, etc...

If you would like more information on outsourcing of EH&S consulting services, please contact Sterling & Associates, Inc. We have been providing superior-quality outsourcing services since 1989 in California and beyond.

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