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OSHA ComplianceOSHA Compliance

Have you ever had an OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) or Federal inspector appear at your workplace? If yes, then you know very well why compliance is important… and if you have not, make sure you are prepared for the day it happens to you.

Of course, the fundamental goal for compliance is the welfare of your employees and the environment, but having OSHA and similar agencies policing organizations is a definite added incentive to achieve and maintain compliance.

Another added benefit to staying compliant with OSHA standards and regulations is the immeasurable effect it has on the bottom-line… sure, there is an up-front cost associated with establishing compliance and an on-going cost to maintain it, but the long-term cost savings outweigh any program costs. The reduction in employee injuries, potential OSHA fines (which can be exorbitant), worker compensations rates, downtime, lost productivity, and liability to you as an employer or organization, represents significant savings.

So, where do you begin if you need to assess your needs and develop a compliance plan? If your organization is like most, you do not have a dedicated in-house person to handle this important task. The best place to begin is with an Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) Consultant experienced in interpreting and complying with regulations. It is critical that one exercises care in selecting the right consultant – there are many newcomers to the EH&S field because of the increased emphasis on health and safety in recent years.

Sterling & Associates is a small business, and strives to remain that way. Personal service is usually lacking in larger “chain” EH&S firms. We take pride in providing high quality, professional services with a personal touch. Our good reputation is key to our continuing success, and our size enables the personal interactions, speedy responsiveness, and thorough follow-up that our clients desire.

Specific to compliance services, Sterling & Associates offers:

  • client-specific environmental audits
  • formal and/or informal facility evaluations
  • identification of potential liability issues
  • development of hazardous materials/waste management plans, training programs, and Business Plans.

If you would like more information on compliance services, please contact Sterling & Associates, Inc. Our practical experience since 1989 in interpreting and complying with regulations results in client liability reduction and long-term cost savings.

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