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Industrial HygieneIndustrial Hygiene

When do you need an Industrial Hygienist? Whenever you are seeking to keep your workers, the work environment, and the community safe and healthy! Industrial Hygienists are scientists committed to protecting the health and safety of people in the workplace and the community. So, nearly every organization has a need occasionally, if not routinely, for the help of an Industrial Hygienist, or a Certified Industrial Hygienist.

That is a pretty broad definition of Industrial Hygiene, so here is the bottom line: Industrial Hygiene involves the 1) recognition, 2) evaluation and 3) control of hazards. Here are some concrete examples of what an Industrial Hygienist (IH) does:

  • Investigates and examines the workplace for chemical and physical hazards (such as heavy metals, solvents and other organics, acids/corrosives, PCB’s, pesticides, fungi, bacteria/other allergens, noise, ergonomic/repetitive motion, UV/IR, EMF, and ionizing/non-ionizing radiation)

  • Makes recommendations on improving the safety of workers and the surrounding community

  • Conducts scientific research to provide data on possible harmful conditions in the workplace

  • Develops techniques to anticipate and control potentially dangerous situations in the workplace and the community

  • Ensures that workers are properly following health and safety procedures

  • Trains and educates the community about job-related risks

So, where do you begin when you want to employ the services of an IH? You’re lucky if you have a trusted referral, because personal recommendations are always a good bet. If you have to go “shopping” for an IH Consultant, be sure to check out credentials, experience and references. A very significant portion of our business at Sterling & Associates comes from returning clients and referrals from satisfied clients.

A note on size: The size of the firm is not a critical consideration, and in fact, bigger is not necessarily better! Sterling & Associates is a thriving small business. We take pride in providing high quality, professional services with a personal touch. Our good reputation is a key to our continuing success, and our size enables the personal interaction, speedy responsiveness, and thorough follow-up that our clients desire.

And what should you expect from a qualified consultant? A professional IH consultant’s services will usually include an on-site visit/interview, a detailed custom proposal for the investigation plan of action, and a detailed sampling strategy if applicable to the service being provided.

Following the investigation and/or testing, you should expect and receive a professional, scientifically supported, yet easy to understand report with appropriate recommendations. This step is critical, because it is valuable documentation that stays on file and supports your organization’s efforts at utilizing IH services for the benefit of employees as well as the organization.

If you would like more information on Industrial Hygiene services, please contact Sterling & Associates, Inc. We have been performing certified Industrial Hygiene services since 1989 in California and beyond.

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