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Global CapabilitiesGlobal Capabilities

Since 1989, Sterling & Associates has been providing high quality, cost effective consulting services and solutions to clients throughout California. In 2008, we joined forces with EHS Partnerships in Calgary, Alberta, enhancing our North American coverage. And now, by leveraging our membership with a global affiliate network of more than 500 firms in 50 countries, Sterling & Associates can expand its service and geography offerings to clients with needs throughout the nation and the world.  Through our participation in the Phylmar Inner Circle Affiliate Network, Sterling & Associates and EHS Partnerships now deliver added value worldwide, and the benefits to our clients are clear:

  • Conserve Resources: We reduce the time-consuming effort and cost required to source and contract with high quality, senior Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) and Social Responsibility (SR) consultants throughout the world.  Our clients save valuable time by not having to negotiate contracts and spend considerable effort in locating and validating the right partner.  Using Sterling & Associates as an intermediary conserves both human resources and capital.  Most of the affiliates are small or medium sized firms with lower overhead than large organizations, and we pass on the savings to our clients.  The senior affiliates do the work themselves or are intimately involved in the project management, unlike many larger organizations where the senior staff “sells” the work, but the junior staff does the work. This is a critical benefit when protecting your most precious resources – your people and your bottom line.
  • Streamline Processes: We reduce complexity by relieving our clients of the project management burden associated with worldwide EHS and SR initiatives.  All administrative processes flow through Sterling & Associates, thereby expediting and simplifying the contracting process.  After a master consulting agreement is in place with the client, all invoicing from the affiliates (our local EHS or SR experts) goes to Sterling & Associates and is consolidated into one invoice for each project. The client does not have to deal with multiple vendor contracts or invoices.
  • Minimize Risk: We reduce business risk through a rigorous QA/QC process in which every work product from an affiliate is reviewed by Sterling & Associates before the client ever sees the draft. Our familiarity with the client's needs and operations allows us to become an extension of the client's staff, providing the local EHS or SR expert working on the client's project with direction. We review project documents that the client would normally have to handle, thus saving the client time and money again. Sterling & Associates manages project milestones and ensures client expectations are met.
  • Increase Long-Term Wins: Creating sustainable value for all stakeholders is a key component to the long term success of any project. A process of value identification is an important step in Sterling & Associates' project process. Together, the value and key metrics of the outcomes are identified and agreed upfront. Sterling & Associates facilitiates the work in a manner which is transparent, involves all identified stakeholders, and works with them to ensure the impact of projects are value added, while minimizing the client's cost and direct project time.

Our clients with multi-site, national or global operations are embracing this timely and effective idea; it may benefit your workers and bottom line too. For more information, contact Sterling & Associates, Inc.

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